Core DBA Training

Deals with database high availability with acceptable performance. All the database technologies are supporting this single faculty.

EDUPLUS : You will be proficient in Oracle database Architecture, Installation of Operating System and Oracle Software, Backup and Recovery (Logical, Physical and RMAN), Performance tuningtechniques (tools and best practices like statistics, trace files, AWR, ASMM), Patching, Cloning,Upgrades, Migrations along with High Availability features like Data Guard and ASM with special focus on real world scenarios which make you ready to accept the challenging role as an Oracle DBA. We provide oracle training in faridabad.

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Oracle DBA


    Deals with ensuring the high availability of Oracle Instance by integrating with Core Database and/or Apps Database with Grid Infrastructure.

    EDUPLUS: You will be proficient in the successful installation and configuration of Real Application Clusters (grid infrastructure) along with in-depth knowledge on Virtualization setups, managing cluster services, cache fusion concepts, past image, Global Resource Directory (GRD), SCAN Listener concepts, Voting Disks (why odd number?), OCR, tools (crsctl, srvctl), converting non RAC to RAC, Add Node, TAF setup, RMAN Backups using multiple server resources and many more. We provide oracle training in faridabad.



    Deals with installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle Applications (Biz Suite) by using Oracle provided application DBA tools.

    EDUPLUS: You will be proficient in Cloning and Patching which is the vital role of an Apps DBA. Oracle Applications (eBiz Suite) installation, Operating system installations, Oracle Apps Architecture, AD Utilities, AutoConfig, Sysadmin, Maintenance, Upgrades, Patching, Cloning and Migrations will be discussed in depth. As Oracle Apps is pure three tier architecture single node, multi node, single user and two user installations on Oracle Virtual servers are also covered.

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