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Animation is process of putting still images in sequence in such manner that creates illusion of have them moving. There are some graphical software like Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Aladdin4D which helps you to create 2D or 3D animation and motion graphics.IN 2D Animation: - 2D animation is traditional way of animation in which drawing are drawn in X & Y co-ordinates using computer software from a point of degree. These drawing are every frame of the film. Where each frame comes after another frame in order of 24 frames per second. IN 3D Animation: - 3D animation is modern way of animation. Instead of drawing, shapes are taken that are in X, Y & Z co-ordinates. Here by using textures & lightening we can make realistic objects.At Eduplus, you can learn creating appealing and complex animation on your own by using graphical software in best ways.

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